Programs Offered

Our Program consists of activities that help children develop in all areas of early childhood. We develop cognitive, small and large motor skills, social, and emotional skills. The teacher’s are expected to assess the children and to be aware of the developmental needs of each child. The children are grouped together in classrooms by their stages of development and not necessarily by age.

The teacher’s are required to turn in weekly lesson plans that are coordinated by the weekly themes. The weekly lessons consist of activities to encourage development in areas of social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills. The lessons are designed to teach children about self, the world, community, health, nutrition, and safety. The children are encouraged to role-play, construct, create, and explore. The children are taught self-control, decision-making skills and self-esteem.

The classroom’s daily routines consist of free-play, snacks and lunch, outside recess, centers of child-initiated activities, staff-initiated activities, quiet activities and active activities. The routine consists of group (circle time) activities as well as individual activities. The children are allowed a rest time every day.

The discipline policy is to encourage the children to act in an appropriate manner that shows respect to others, and allows for a smooth program. When discipline actions are necessary, the practices are to be fair, reasonable, consistent, and related to the child’s behavior. The child’s self-esteem is to always be intact and encouraged.

We also have different levels for each age group: The names of each level are:

Jungle Monkey's 11 mo. -30 Mo.
Pooh Bears 31 mo. -4 yr
Dalmations 4 yrs -5 yrs
Bald Eagles School age